Terms and conditions


Those who use the services offered by PIN APP SRL declare that they know and accept these general terms and conditions.
Owner of PIN APP SRL and related Services
Salvatore Agovino
Via Abignente 137
84087 Sarno
[email protected]

Information about PIN APP SRL
PIN APP is a marketplace designed to put individual Merchants in contact with Users looking for a specific Service/product by offering an online space that allows them to promote their business by connecting directly to the Users themselves.
The Service offered by PIN APP SRL consists solely in the supply and maintenance of the online space of the Marketplace, where the meeting between proposal and acceptance takes place. The System provides an intuitive geolocation system with which to contact the Merchant closest to the User, or the one who offers the product/service of greatest interest (including economic) for the User. In no event shall the Owner be considered a party to the contractual agreement between the User and the Merchant.

Persons interested in requesting the services of Professionals and/or in purchasing neighborhood products can register on the PIN APP. To register, you must: (a) accept these Terms and Conditions and have read the Privacy Policy, giving appropriate consent to the processing of data personal in the manner and for the purposes indicated therein; (b) provide true, complete and accurate information for registration and creation of the Account. By Registering you guarantee that the information provided for the creation of the Account (together with any other information that may be provided to the Owner over time, both in relation to the registration process and on other occasions) is true, complete and not misleading in any way, with total assumption of responsibility, even criminal, by the declarant himself, who provides even partially incorrect or false information. Registered subjects are required to promptly notify the Data Controller of any changes to the aforementioned information to ensure that they always remain as up-to-date as possible.
Users have the duty to keep their credentials, and will be considered as solely responsible for any activity that takes place through their Account, whether expressly or implicitly authorized or not. Any unauthorized use of the Account must be communicated to the Owner who will, at its discretion, block or suspend it.

Content Provided by Users and Merchant
Users and Merchant are solely responsible for their own content and that of third parties that they share on PIN APP, by uploading it, inserting content or in any other way. Users and Merchant indemnify the Owner from any liability in relation to the illicit dissemination of third party content or the use of the APP PIN, in ways contrary to the law. The Owner does not carry out any type of moderation of the contents transmitted or published on the PIN APP by Users and Merchants, but undertakes to intervene in the event of reports, or orders given by public authorities in relation to contents deemed offensive or illegal.

Rights to Content Provided by Users and Merchant
By sending, publishing or displaying content on or using the APP PIN, the User and the Merchant grant the Owner a license without territorial limits, non-exclusive, free of charge and with the right to sublicense, for use, copying, reproduction, processing , adaptation, modification, publication, transmission, display and distribution of such content in any medium or distribution method currently available or subsequently developed. Users and Merchant undertake to share on PIN APP only content that appropriately illustrates the type of Service offered or product sold, which is useful for facilitating the use of the Service itself.

Relationship between the Owner and the User
Users can use the Services offered by Merchants through the PIN APP platform. Users are aware and accept that the Owner is not considered part of the Contractual relationship Provider of Work (Merchant) – Applicant (User) and that the commercial transaction will be completed exclusively between User and Worker, in accordance with these Terms and Conditions and with the specific individual conditions of the chosen Professional.
Users are therefore asked to carefully read the Terms of Service of the individual Merchant before purchasing or requesting any service.
The Owner will not be held responsible for any and all circumstances in relation to the quality of the Service rendered, the agreements entered into and/or the actual availability declared by the Professional himself and/or the delivery of the products and their quality.