PINapp is the multi-channel cloud software that allows you to manage and organize your work, save time and increase your sales. With PINapp you create a direct communication channel with your customers and allow them to order:

From your customized App with your logo and colors
From your Facebook – Instagram Social Channels
With WhatsApp -Messenger
From your E-commerce with styles, logos, graphics and colors coordinated with the app
From the Amazon – E-Bay Marketplaces
With Totems in your store or Tablet
From the main food delivery platforms Deliveroo – Uber Eats – Glovo

Mainly for the Horeca and DO GDO sector, but its many functions and versatility make it useful also for other sectors such as Pharmaceutical care and shopping.

It is delivered and configured in 7 days.

No. PIN app is installed on PC and Android and Apple systems. You and your collaborators don’t need to buy new devices or PCs

Absolutely not! You don’t need to make further investments, Pinapp interfaces with all fiscal printers and cash management systems (Epson, Rch, CashDro, SafeMoney, Ditron, RT, Axon, Glory, Custom).


The cool thing about the Pinapp system is that you don’t have to change your work habits because it suits you! You can receive your customers’ orders on the telematic cash register or on the PC, Tablet, in short, from the tool you were already using previously. All in one point to facilitate management, you see them divided by work area and by type of delivery: take-away, home, on-site, at the tables.

Absolutely not! The only commissions you pay are those with delivery platforms. PINapp allows you to self-free as it has a delivery management feature. Go to the takeaway faq to find out more.

You will be able to print orders from normal thermal printers positioned in the various work areas (kitchen, pizzeria, bar) or view them on Tablets, Kitchen Tables, Smartphones.

YES, with pinapp you can print static QRcodes for reading only the menu or dynamic ones with the possibility of having the customer order independently.

Each table has its own self-generated QRcode from the Pinapp platform and you can associate it according to the environment (room 1 – room 2 – terrace – garden) by associating different prices even with the same product.

the customer can order directly from the table without waiting for the waiter and the order follows your internal organisation.

Of course, customer records are accessible and downloadable for commercial purposes. Not only that, you will be able to check when, what and how they ordered to activate actions aimed at your customer’s habits.

Yes! PINapp manages all your points of sale and remotely you can check orders, warehouses and sales in real time. From where you want, when you want.

You can create both chain-level menus, shared by all stores, and differentiated menus for each store: for example, you can create a basic chain-level menu and then specialty menus for each store . It works in exactly the same way for the opening hours, you can set different opening and closing times according to the store.

Yes, when you receive an order you can decide whether to confirm, reject or modify, and your customer receives a notification on his smartphone to accept or reject.


Your customers can pay in cash but also through an electronic payment method via the NEXI circuit (credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay and Google Pay).

You need to register for free on the NEXI platform, activate a voucher that we will send you to take advantage of the discounted rates and associate your current account. But don’t worry, we’ll walk you through the activation process.


Of course, PINapp allows you to configure your riders, they will have their own app, and each rider will see the orders to be delivered, the delivery address and the delivery times. And you can see their position in real time from the platform. In addition, the Rider will have an optimized route map and will be able to call the customer directly.

PINapp offers you a free downloadable Branded App where your customers register and can order and request home delivery. Not only that, they will receive notifications when the order is being prepared, finished or being delivered and view the rider’s position in real time.

Absolutely no. PINapp allows you to create your own and only your delivery platform. You will be able to save the commissions provided by DELIVERY such as JUST EAT, DELIVEROO, GLOVO, UBER EAT etc …

Yes, we are able to register and let you manage orders from DELIVEROO, GLOVO, UBER EAT and soon JUST EAT in a single cash point.

Sure, you can set various parameters like distance KM or zone, by weight or weight/volume.

TABLE reservation

Of course, PINapp gives you the possibility to book a table directly from your APP. Not only that, you can also choose which rooms or environments reservations are allowed for.

Of course, every time your customers book a table, they will have to wait for your booking confirmation, which will happen with a simple click. PINapp will notify the confirmation or cancellation of the reservation.

You can manage tables with the waiter app to take orders and manage orders.

TAKE AWAY / Take Away

Of course, through your APP, you can decide the days and times when it is possible to collect.

Of course, even for the take away mode they can order and pay in advance.


Certainly, it is one of the settings that are requested at the time of configuration but which you can then change at any time.


Of course, if you already have a website you can decide to use the existing site on which to activate the E-Commerce. We expose the API so you can connect it. If you have an outdated website or you don’t have it yet, we create a responsive and optimized website for you that will become the page on which customers can place orders.

Nothing, PINapp integrates e-commerce. The products, colors and photos entered in the management system automatically generate your E-Commerce.

Yes of course, we can customize the style of the E-commerce and the app based on your corporate identity, insert your logo, you can choose images and colors.


Yes, it is published on both platforms and with your identifying logo.

Not at all, we release and update applications for free.

Of course, ours is a native system, we are ready to listen to you and to satisfy the needs of our customers. We check together the feasibility of your requests and quote times and costs.


You can insert the photos of the categories of your menu in total autonomy. The recommended format is 800X800 pixels (or larger)

Of course, insert photos of your dishes in total autonomy. The recommended format is 800X800 pixels (or larger) JPG or PNG.

You can manage discounts as you prefer, you can discount single products or groups of products, discounts for groups of customers, discounts in euros or in percentages, create coupons, discount on cart total and NxM discount (3X2 etc)

Sure. You can change the menu at any time and eliminate dishes due to lack of ingredients.

Of course, you can associate a menu with a single room or room. For certain days and times. PINapp is a versatile and flexible solution.

There is no “physical” limit to the number of categories and items you can include in your menu. However beyond a certain threshold the menu could become heavy and difficult to use, we advise you to insert an adequate number of categories (max. ~10) and a limited number of dishes for each category (max 15-20)

Yes, customers can add variations or remove ingredients, but always if you set it up.

Of course, you can enter ingredients, allergens and any information you deem useful.

Warehouse management

Of course, with PINapp you can program the maximum production capacity for each department. This way you will avoid working under stress and eliminate problems with your customers

Your warehouse is updated in real time, as the products run out, PINapp records it and indicates it to you. Not only that, you can also set an alert that warns you when certain quantities are reached.


We have received many applications, we are organizing them
they will be here soon!